Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Class Update

We had a great first day of class in Greenville! I truly love working in the gallery space.
All of the beautiful artwork surrounding us was such an inspiration. I can see scheduling another class there soon.
I'll try to remember to get photos on the next day of class! I had my camera with me but it stayed in my purse...
We were so busy that I forgot all about it (as seems to be my habit!).

I'm busy unpacking and repacking supplies, class kits and other necessary items (like, um...clothes?!).

I'm SO excited about teaching at Textile Evolution again this year!
I'm excited to be spending time with my peeps Liz Kettle, Judy Gula, Tama Brooks and Laura Cater Woods also!
Maybe someone there will be more diligent at posting photos than I was last year. I just get so busy that I forget! And I have never developed the "Facebook" habit...

Okay, break time over...
back to packing.
Um, I mean unpacking and repacking.

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