Monday, November 14, 2011

Art Camp For Women

Boy, do I have some great news!

I am so excited to announce that I will be teaching a bookmaking workshop at "Art Camp For Women" next year!

"Art Camp For Women" is in their sixth season at Snow Mountain Ranch near beautiful Winter Park Colorado. Click on the link to go to their website and check out the different options that are available to you there.

I was going to say "The best thing about this retreat is..." but I realized that there are several "best things about this retreat". I'll just say that one of the things that I LOVE about this retreat is that all the art supplies are provided for you!

Yes. You heard it right ladies.

When you go to ACFW, you don't have to pack ANY art supplies!

Now, just think about that...the last retreat that I went to, I had two cases FULL of art supplies and a carry on for clothes. Then I only used a small portion of what I carried (which is very frustrating) (and confusing in class).

For ACFW, I am designing a completely different (and new) book.
It's all handmade, no sewing machine required.
I've been communicating with Keith Smith (who has written several books on book binding) on appropriate binding stitches for books that will lie completely flat, are beautifully decorative and great for beginners as well as advanced book makers. He has been so helpful to me in this research.

And while I am using a more traditional approach to binding, the cover is another story!
I love to create one of a kind covers for my books. Our completed book will definitely be a one of a kind with some really cool mixed media concoctions thrown in.

I'm still making the class book, but the ACFW web site has a couple of photos up of some sample books that I made showing different binding stitches .

I'll be posting more info as time goes on but right now check out the "Art Camp For Women" web site for the June 4-11, 2012 session.

As I said before, they have a couple of different options for the June session including "The Works" which I found to be the most interesting...

We stay at a vacation home, have chef prepared meals, daily Happy Hour (woo hoo!) and all your art supplies are provided!

I hope that you will consider making your 2012 retreat class with me at Snow Mountain Ranch near Winter Park Colorado.

(the following photos are samples for different binding stitches that I am trying out - not actual retreat projects)

above is a sample of a cover technique that I am working on


Bren said...

Sounds like a great retreat time and these new book designs are fantastic. I'm sure your workshop is going to be packed out!

Janelle said...

I can't wait to see pictures of your new books. You make such beautiful ones.

Joanne Huffman said...

Congratulations on teaching. It sounds like a great class.