Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thank You!

I participated in an art fair on Saturday at "Spill The Beans" in Greenville SC.
There were about 18 (or so) local artists there also, showing everything from sculpture, paintings, fiber art, jewelry to Starbucks gift card lamp shades (which were so cool!).
We had a great crowd there...and it was right there inside the coffee/ice cream/frozen yogurt shop!!

Did you know that you can order a freshly baked waffle cone dipped in (dark) chocolate without the ice cream?

I didn't (until Saturday) but it's a great answer to the "I really, really want one of those cones with chocolate but the ice cream is too much of a mess while I am selling my artwork" dilemma...
A yummy answer in fact.

I was so excited to sell a few things, including one of my new Little Books (thank you Denise!).
I am always so thrilled when collectors love my artwork as much as I do.

I create work from my heart ( & my head) based on things that inspire me.
There are some days that everything inspires me...
some days, nothing does.
But most of the time I have a ton of ideas - some good, some not so good.

Today I will complete up one painting that is on my table (a dog), put the finishing touches on five paintings that I did earlier in the week and think about fleshing out the two canvases that I started yesterday.

I really, really have to update my resume (that means write one), take a look at my artist statement (it needs changing for a different venue) and decide if I want to use my same ole bio...

The grunt work, that is.

The stuff I run from.

Maybe I'll clean out the fridge instead...

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Janelle said...

I am running from hemming choir dresses for my daughter's school right now. Once I get this task done I can get back to doing things that I love. I guess that we all have jobs to do some days that we hate. Good luck with yours.