Friday, December 2, 2011

New Work and Old Homes

I've been in the studio this week, painting away the day.
And I am paying for it too!
I have my large work table on risers because I like to stand while I work.
After two days of painting (for at least 10 hours a day), my legs and back have had enough. Even if I wanted to paint more, I just can't.

So I'm turning my attention to paperwork.

Here's a peek at one new piece.
And yes, it's that cute kitty cat again!

And I have to get back to this also.
I have the sample book pages completed but I am having to go back and re-figure my cover idea.
It was one of those "Hey, this would look good!" ideas that I failed to fully think (or work) through.
Needless to say, it didn't.
Work out, that is.

If things go as they usually do, the next idea will be even better!
Most of my (really good) work happens that way - I screw one thing up and while I am trying to figure out a different way, I hit on a really cool idea...
And that is the truth of the matter.
That is why you should keep on going with an idea or a project when you hit a roadblock (or screw it up). If you do, you will eventually work things out or come up with an even better idea!
(I would put my hands in the air and say "ta da!" here but you can do what you want to)

Now - on to other things...
This evening I'll be joining a few other local artists at the beautiful Greenville Women's Club in Greenville SC.
We're having a holiday art fair and show from 6:00-9:00pm.
I think that they will be serving wine, finger foods and providing music.
The house is just breath taking and especially so with the addition of the Christmas decorations.

Here's a peek of the home that is now the Women's Club.

This is the historic Beattie House.

Join me and other local artists tonight for an art filled evening!


dh said...

Your vivid kitty cat is spectacular!

Joanne Huffman said...

I wish I lived close enough to have joined you; I hope it went well. The kitty is delightful.

Bren said...

what a beautiful setting for a show, enjoy.
So agree with you on failed attempts leading to even better ideas.
And boy do I hear you about the back pain and painting frenzy :-)
Kitty is so adorable!