Friday, November 18, 2011

KC the kitty cat

We have a new visitor at the Sloan house.
A little kitty cat (hence the KC) that is slowly stealing our hearts...

They can do that, can't they?

Here he is sitting on top of a stump that was a part of the Bradford Pear tree in our yard.
He was busy grooming himself when I took a series of photos of him.

Now, even though I like realistic drawn cats, I'm not to fond of actually drawing them myself.
So I decided to take Carla's theme and draw what my imagination sees of this handsome kitty.

Here's what I came up with.

 I drew this one in a split second on a scrap of watercolor paper. I really liked the goofy look on his face so I had to draw another one on a larger piece of paper.
And add a little sky behind him.
I'm thinking that these would make the cutest cards and book covers, eh?

He doesn't really wear pink claw polish, I just wanted to add that...
His butt really is that little though...


Anonymous said...

Awww. What a sweetie. KC has a great expression. Confused? Embarrassed? Caught in the act? I like it!
Denise in WNC

Mary said...

what a cute little cats!

and yes, this little drawing, (so cute) would be a great card and book both!!

kathy mc said...

I've enjoyed visiting your blog Carol. Love your drawings.

Anonymous said...

love your cats !