Friday, January 20, 2012

Finding Your Tribe

Yesterday, I wrote about expressing yourself.
Today I'd like to touch on another aspect of living a creative life.

I'd like to talk about being a part of a creative tribe.

We all need to find our tribe. 
Not just any tribe but your tribe.
You know, that group of like minded people. They love the same things that you do (who else could get so excited about sitting in a cold airplane hanger sketching?). 
They drool over the same things (scraps of torn and tattered lace from grandma's closet), they oohh and aahhh over your artwork.

You need a safe and secure place within this group of women to let your hair down (so to speak). A place that you can stay up late working in your jammies or sitting on the edge of the bed, drinking a glass of wine while you talk about...well, things that creative women talk about.

We need a safe place to tell our stories and to express our creativity.

All women (sorry guys!), all fun, all your tribe.

And just look who is talking about us!!

Art Camp is one of the four retreats featured in "O" magazine in the "Express Yourself" cover story!

You can't get much better than that, can you?

I'll be teaching there in June and I've planned a brand new book making class just for this retreat.

Today I am the guest blogger on the Art Camp. 
Follow this link to read my post.

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dh said...

You expressed this so well. Art Camp sounds fantastic!