Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stating Your Intentions

A couple of years ago, I wrote out a list of dreams that I had.
I listed some of the most secret things that my heart desired as well as some of the wildest, crazy ass dreams I could think of.
One of them was to teach in Italy. One of those fantastic, once in a lifetime trips to a beautiful, romantic country.
And I let that dream fly out into the Universe.
I kept it secret for a while (I mean, come on, who do I think I am to be able to dream a dream that big?!) not telling anyone but my husband and a few close friends.
This year I decided that I would shout out a few dreams, just in case the Universe was hard of hearing (grins).
I began just saying that I was going to be an "international teacher" this year.
"Did I just say that?" I would ask myself...
Odd thing happened though, those people that I told this to never blinked an eye when I said it!
Just like they believed that I would do that!

And as that funny thing happened, another funny thing happened...
I began to believe it!

I found out about a great new creative school opening in Sulmona Italy.
The Abruzzo School of Creative Art.

I wrote up my class proposal and sent it in (after a day or two of sheer terror at the prospect of doing it).
Two days later I received an email from the owner, Averil Stewart-Head.

My proposal was accepted!!
I am over the moon with excitement!
Totally and absolutely energized about this...

But, get this...
I'm not only going this year but NEXT year as well!

I would love for a few of my US buddies to go with me...
If you've wanted to go to Italy, then this would be a fantastic time to go.
You know that it will be fun, creative and entertaining!

Sign up now for a HUGE discount!
Here's my workshop page.

Reserve your spot NOW as the spaces are very limited!


Janelle said...

Congratulations on your dream coming true. I'm sure that you will have a wonderful time.

Patsy Thompson said...


No one deserves this kind of opportunity more than YOU!! Congratulations and knock 'e, dead!!


kathy mc said...

Carol that is awesome. I am so happy for you. What a very cool adventure. Have fun and enjoy every minute of it. You deserve it.

Loralei said...

What wonderful news - congratulations to you!! Now start telling everybody about even more crazy ass dreams!!

Judy Coates Perez said...

Fantastic! One of these days I'd love to teach in Italy, looks like a fabulous venue.

BahamaDawn said...

congrats!!! have you ever considered online classes? your work is fabulous!!