Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More Messages From The Universe, New Classes

My tea bags continue to ply me with bold messages.
In some ways, I do feel like I am getting younger instead of older.

I am hard at work in my studio! 
I have several things going at once -
working on a new piece for the group "8 That Create", 
preparing samples for two new classes I have scheduled while I am in Colorado.

Oh! I forgot to post them, didn't I?!

I will be teaching two one day classes at "Blue Twig Studio" in Colorado Springs, Colorado on June 3 and June 4.
One class will be "Whimsical Mark Making" and the other will be the blast of fun class "Background Painting" (check the "workshop" tab at the top of the blog for descriptions).
I'll post the order of them as soon as we figure it out. Both of these classes are so much fun and everyone is always so surprised at how well their work turns out in class.

I am also working on handouts for the June "Art Camp For Women" book making class
That is going to be a fantastic class! I am loving all the colors of waxed linen thread that I bought just for class! No plain old black, brown or burgundy for these campers!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I am working on samples for the class at Judy Gula's shop "Artistic Artifacts" in Alexandria Virginia on Feb. 24 & 25. Check out this link for the class description.
It would be great (and you'll get a discount) if you signed up for my two day class and Liz Kettle's one day class there ("Metal Magic"). Three days of foot stomping fun (where did that come from?!). But it will be a lot of fun and think of all that you will learn!
The book class that I am teaching there is a great class for new book makers as well as experienced ones. After two days, you will leave with a one of a kind treasure. And you'll be armed with all the info that you need to make more.

So - back to work.
I tend to be a workaholic on creative things. 
I can spend hours and hours in  my studio, effectively ignoring any other errands or jobs that I need to do...
My husband is so very supportive of my desire to show women how to express their creativity.
He has seen how making art, how allowing my creativity out has healed me in so many ways.
It's much better than any medications my doctors try to make me take. 
And I want other women to experience this healing balm.

Stretch that creative muscle!

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Janelle said...

I always love seeing what you have been up too. The things you make are so beautiful and creative. I'm glad that you share your talents. I love to work for hours in my studio too. I'm brought back to reality often by my two little boys though. I will miss the cuddles when they get older though, so I don't complain about them too often. Have a great week.