Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Helping Others Reach Their Goals

Or -
Honoring your own creativity by helping others.

This is what my friend Jess is doing. She is willing to walk the walk not just talk the talk.

I first met Jess when I stumbled upon the "Seek Your Course" website.
This is a site that she created to harness the many creative offerings across the world into one easy to navigate place.
(check it out, it's fantastic!)
I signed up as an instructor right away because I was so impressed with the spirit behind what Jess was doing.
It's so hard to find someone, especially a young woman, that is willing to do what Jess was trying to do out of the goodness of her heart.
This young woman has a huge heart people!
She isn't making loads of money doing what she's doing...she is putting all her goods in the karma bank.

She has created a Jumpstart Creativity Tour across the US and part of Canada that we can help her with.

Go here, to her Jumpstart page, and donate as much as you possibly can to help her inject a little creativity into an adults life.
Here's a video for you to watch -

I am pleased to tell you that Jess will be visiting Greenville SC and Asheville NC on the tour!
Those are the closest destinations to my home.
Check out all of the other locations that she has planned.

Way to go Jess!

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