Sunday, May 6, 2012

Book Covers

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I posted!
What have I been doing? friend Sarah and I participated in the World Wide Sketch Crawl here in Greenville SC.
We made a day of it, along with a nice sit down lunch (with wine) (bourbon for me). I have several sketches to show for it, just need to add some color to them.

And maybe I'll just post them without color. I love to add the color while I'm sitting there sketching.
It's hard for me to go back with a photo and add color...
I love the spontaneity of drawing and painting RIGHT there.

I really am loving it more and more- the urban sketching.
I am looking for just the right ones to make thermofax screens out of. I think that street scenes of Greenville would be great on tee shirts.

I've been having a blast in my studio, making more class samples for the Art Camp For Women workshop coming up soon.
Here's a peek at a couple of different covers I will be demonstrating -

I love the book itself - the pages, the painting, the sketching, the opportunity to fill it with much goodness- but I think I love making the cover most of all (today anyway!).
All the opportunity to create layer after layer of amazing texture.
Yep - layers of texture on the outside that nestle all of the layers of art on the inside.

I am going to try and set up a local book making class after June 15th.
If you're not on my newsletter list, email me here for details when I get it sorted out.
Looking forward to teaching close to home!

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Adriann said...

Wow...the peek looks wonderful!