Monday, August 6, 2012

One More Sketch

After I had drawn everything that was in the room I worked in, I turned to a magazine that I picked up at a gift shop for inspiration.

I don't normally draw from photos/magazines but I loved this image so much (and was so bored) that I jumped in anyway.

Here is the last drawing that I did last week.
It's a fossilized Oreodont skull found at Brule Formation South Dakota.
No credits were given for the photo in the magazine ("The Laurel of Asheville").

There you have it.
My week (last week) in sketches.
I did watch a few baseball games but didn't sketch at the park.
Too hot.
Too tired.
Too crowded.

Home sounds so good to me right now...


Joanne Huffman said...

Hmmmm, it's reminds me of Georgia O'Keefe.

Lynda Howells said...

It is nice to know there are people out there that are as fasinated by skeletons as me!!