Saturday, August 4, 2012

Satellite Studio Equipment

Another drawn image from my week in a studio away from home.
We (hubby and I) would spend one night on the Southern Wesleyan University campus, then one night at home.
After a week of this I am so content to be at home every day.
It's very difficult for me to creative work this way.
I spent more time thinking about what I should be doing than actually doing it.

I did manage to fill in a few pages of my sketchbook though.
Here's another one -

If I carry a machine with me when I travel, it's this lightweight Brother machine.
It did what I needed it to do while I was away - sew simple jersey knits. I was working on making a shirt from a ready made pattern. I was not pleased at all with the end result!
I think I will just deconstruct one of the shirts that I like (& that fits well) and use it as a pattern.
I'm through with the other patterns unless someone can convince me otherwise.

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Joanne Huffman said...

I really like the sewing machine sketch.