Monday, June 8, 2015

One Bird

One bird.
Several applications of color and line.

I usually draw a couple of versions of the same image.

I begin with way too many details...I can't help it.
I get started drawing and I can't seem to stop. With the small details that is.
(But I know that I can alter it digitally so I don't worry about it).

I scan the drawing as is.

Then I drag it into PSE (or PS) and begin erasing all those tiny details.
I save a stripped down image and one of (almost) every version or translation in between.
Strip Down Model. No Color.
A few small details.

Why not add more??

A black bird.

A little bit of yellow bird.

Outlined in blue black bird.

A pink bird.

A red bird.

I could have create at least a hundred more variations using the same bird drawing.

I thought it would be fun to print the stripped down bird in an art journal and add details with a black pen (or colored one for that matter).

You could print the same bird on fabric and use stitch to add details.

There are so many different ways you could use this bird image!


Caroline Heinrichs said...

So what are you using, Inkscape?

Carol Sloan said...

I draw in pen, then darken lines in PSE or PS. Occasionally I will use Illustrator to do this same thing in. I use PS/PSE or IL to add color.