Friday, June 5, 2015

Photoshop Elements Collage

Maybe I should just call it a compilation of images instead of a collage...

I scanned Dover images into PSE.
Then I removed the background on all of them.
And put them all together!

I thought they would make a really cute screen for a kids shirt.

Here's one -

And here's the other one -

Originally I had another mouse in the first one - peeking out from behind the tree.
But I removed him because he wasn't printing well on fabric.
Here's a sample print.
You can see the extra mouse behind the rabbit.

I can barely see that he is a mouse.
So, he had to go.

I printed this with Simply Screen (water based screen printing paint). It is #98528 Sugar Plum (a metallic).
I bought the paint on sale at Hobby Lobby. Cheap, effective and a nice variety of colors.
But a little tacky after it dries. Not so noticable on fabric but it is on paper.
Which is where I usally use up my excess paint after a printing session.

I haven't printed the racoon screen yet.

But I have printed this lovely unicorn I sketched out.

And it's really wierd that this scanned out as this pale color.
It was printed with a #98530 OMG Pink. Which is a neon pink...
Weird, I tell you.

But the prints are not.
They are really cute!

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