Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I've got my trades all ready...(that's them - above)
clothes all packed...
Mr. Wonderful has carried it all out to the car...
he filled it up with gas...
even washed it for me...
(he really is wonderful!)
I'm ready to go but now I'm having
those pangs of emotion at leaving my husband at home.
I always hate
this part of traveling without him.
Maybe next year he can plan his work around Blowing Rock
and just go with me.
I have a wonderful roommate Madelyn.
This will be her first year at the retreat.
She's going to love it!
I had a little time yesterday
to work on the artists' paper that I've been layering.
I had used the tip of my paintbrush to write some
secret messages in the paint.
In the next layer or two I applied
a glaze of light raw umber paint
and the messages magically appeared!
Isn't that cool?
I left part of the writing without glaze so
you could see what a difference the color made.

It's time for me to finish getting ready -

hope that you all have a great week.

Be creative!


Mary said...

Oh you have a Mr. Wonderful too!! :)

Carol have a wonderful, creative, refreshing time. Blowing Rock should be lovely!!


Jo Wholohan said...

hey carol, ive just posted some pics of journals and photo albums ive created using your fab rusted media :)) love it and will soon be back for more LOL Jo xx

Joanne Huffman said...