Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lower Whitewater Falls

Continuing with the waterfall story here...
The "logs" that you see in the first photo are actually two tree trunks.
They were probably about 20-30 feet long. This should give you another idea of just how large this waterfall is.
This is one of the smaller side falls. My husband climbed up higher than I did. His legs are much longer than mine so he was able to go farther...

I asked him to take this photo of the kayak so you could see how far we (I) went.

I have a slight fear of heights...I didn't know that he was taking this.

I wanted to look over the side of the rock but kept getting kinda dizzy when I tried...

This position made it a lot easier!

He evidently went up much farther than I thought...

Isn't this beautiful?

Here's another photo of me that he took from his vantage point. Such large rocks!

Isn't this awesome!? Life does find a way, doesn't it?

These skinny trees are growing up out of a crack in the boulder.

I'll post more photo's tomorrow.

T.R. found a cute little (dirty) turtle.

I hope that all of you look around today -

check out your surroundings for inspiration.

You just never know what you will find!