Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Meg Fowler

Have I ever talked about my buddy Meg Fowler?
Well, let's remedy that right now...
I met Meg at my favorite place - yep, Random Arts in Saluda NC.
I'll tell you right now that she wouldn't let me take her picture cause her hair is kinda short right now...
all you ladies certainly understand that, right?
Maybe next time Meg.
Anyway- she is a mixed media artist -an awesome artist at that!
She has done a lot of fiber art pages (like in a fabric book) but not art quilting.
She made - or tried to make- a log cabin quilt many many moons ago
but since then - no quilt.
Until this summer.
Meg decided to make an art quilt.
My pictures are not good and I do apologize for that
because her quilt is just wonderful.
Just Wonderful.
Pictures (even great ones) would NEVER do this wall hanging justice.
Enjoy Meg's river art quilt.
All of the center section (the blue water) is hand stitched and beaded...
heavy beading.
The brown sections are the river bed. She even used beads to depict the pebbles along the river shore...
The outside sections are so heavily textured that it is unbelievable!
Gotta love that Sulky!

You can go to Meg's Facebook page and see a couple of other pictures.
And a picture of her feeding her "pets" - her raccoons!


random notes said...

I believe that you might be Meg's biggest fan! That quilt, which is about 22 x 30" is so much more than what it appears in the photo. You have to see it in person to appreciate all that texture with the beading, fibers, tumbled rock beads that have been sewn on throughout.
It is so amazing. Thank you Carol for sharing this with everyone.

Martha Lever said...

Oh my my--I am hyperventilating at the beauty of it!!!!

Joanne Huffman said...

This is, indeed, spectacular.

Elizabeth said...

i too am a fan of Meg's but I ahve not had the pleasure of meeting her. When I visited Random Arts- love that place!!- I saw many wonderful pieces of art and the ones that I was most drawn to were created by Meg!!
This quilt is simply stunning! I wisht ath I lived closer to Saluda and could meet Meg- she is an amazing talent!! thank you so much for sharing this beautiful piece with us!!