Saturday, September 19, 2009

Work in Progress

I am continuing to work on the Retreat project.
I really love the mixed textures, the paint, the gels,
the fabrics, the beads, the...
well - I could just say that I am Lovin' this project!
I'm adding different little touches - you know,
Making It My Own.
Here's a peek or two...

Jeez- what a mess...and I straightened up for the photo's...

I'm not sure about this ribbon part. I will probably add a different embellishment on top...
still gotta add my charms and beads to the ends too.

Every single day.

Observe the Silence as well.
Give that creativity time to grow, to be nourished.

Use the seasons of your creativity to your advantage.
Seek solace, reflect.
Observe nature.

Always seeking knowledge.

Give yourself Time To Grow.

Creativity IS my Nature.

What's yours?


Martha Lever said...

OUUUUUU...the is eye candy galore!! Love it!!! Thanks for taking all those pics and sharing!

ArtGal said...

Lovely and intriguing, Carol. Just had an especially bad art fair experience and needed a little creative boost. Reminding myself that creating beauty for our world is a noble endeavor.

Joanne Huffman said...

You pay attention to details in such a delightful way. It all comes together beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for sharing your piece with such wonderful pictures!! Love all of the textures, the colors and the hidden bits!! Terrific!!

Anita said...

Beautiful, Carol! Those blues are so yummy and soothing. I really miss seeing you and hope to be at the FAA meeting in November (I'm teaching on FAA day in Oct.). All my best...

jackie said...

This is rich and beautiful and thought-provoking - I am loving it!!