Tuesday, November 17, 2009

NC Arboretum

I love trees. And bark.
Leaves are cool too just harder to come by this time of the year around here...
I went to the NC Arboretum today and met with a few of my good friends -
fellow Fiber Junkies, to be exact.
(Missed you Mary!)
All the trees and landscape plants are labeled...
really nice way to keep up with the names if you remember to either write it down
or take a picture of the label...
Which I forgot to do.
Anyway -
look at the bark on this beauty!

See how the areas of the trunk that are between the peeling pieces of bark is that sand or tan color?
I picked up a few pieces of bark (off the ground)
and the back side is that same color!
The front is just what you see on the photo- gray brown with the reddish/rust areas sprinkled around on it.
The back side is that beautiful tan/sand color.
I can just see those bark pieces in a nature themed book, can't you? I loved the ferns in the background area. They look like the same ones that I have in one of my flower gardens. Except bigger. And better.
Sorry for the duplicate photo.

I have many more photos of not only the Arboretum but some Show n' Tell pieces too.
I'll post them later this week.
We had a blast, talking, laughing, drawing and painting.

I am really blessed to be in the company of such talented artists.
You know, if you are able to meet with, hang out with or just generally tag along
with a group of similar artist like yourself, you really need to.
It's so fulfilling to listen to the interaction as well as the things that you can learn from them.
And you never know - you just Never Know what you have to offer them...

So what you need to do is reach out.
Find some like minded peeps and gather them close.
Share your talent and
Let your light shine!

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Joanne Huffman said...

Love the rich textures here. And I so agree with you about the joys of artistic company.