Saturday, November 28, 2009

Patsy Thompson

Here's another great link for all of you fiber artists...
My friend, Patsy Thompson, has put up a blog post about the quilt top that I did an entry about last week.
Jeez - did that make sense?

I'll try it again...

Last week, I did a blog post about a quilt top that my friend Patsy made.
Go over to her blog and have a look!
(much better, huh?)

As are her photo's and explanation too.
If you've never seen her machine quilting up close (and personal)
you should go to a show ( or class) ( or demo) and look at it.
She is just SO SO talented!
And what an awesome teacher! Her DVDs make it so easy to follow along...
they are clear and concise - they have print outs as well.
And there are free downloads over at her web site!
FREE I tell you!
And a lot of them.
I actually have no idea how many DVDs that Patsy and Ernie (her fabulous) (and funny) husband have.
Go and check that out too.

And how was YOUR Thanksgiving America?
Mine was great - spent with my Baby, family, friends and a plate full of favorite Thanksgiving dishes.
I'd list them all but I had no idea what some of them were called! But they sure did taste good.
My very favorite thing of all was the company that we were with.

The past couple of weeks, we have spent working in my studio.
I had just completed moving all the furniture around, organizing all of my supplies and hanging some original art work on the walls when there was a

slight problem.

"How slight?" you ask.
"Hmmm...not too slight." I answer.

"What all did it involve?" you ask.

Well, It involved some previously sagging sheet rock in my studio ceiling, one man fixing a kitchen ceiling leak,the back of that man's ankle, a Fairly Large Hole in the previously mentioned sagging sheet rock in my studio, about 40 years of heating with coal (and the soot from that heating method),
"Ah Shit!" (from the one in the attic)
(OK, maybe a little more verbiage than that)
and one frantic scream of
"Baby! Are you okay?!"
from me.
(oh yeah - and the "Stop! Stop!" that I think I screamed when the Pink Panther insulation appeared to be falling into my studio along with the ceiling sheet rock, the years of accumulated soot, the nails (notice I said "nails" and not "sheet rock nails" that SHOULD HAVE BEEN USED there), the various items that tumbled off of the shelves that they were previously situated on top of including (but not limited to) books, antique family Bibles, vintage stuffed dolls & animals, fabric, spools of fabulously colored rayon thread, embroidery thread, paint, paintbrushes, paper, canvas, artist art paper, journal get the picture?
Anyway...where was I going with (or at) that?!

This is where we are with it - ceiling fixed! (Yeah - hired someone for that job.)
We had to clean the walls, the floor, the doors, the windows and the ceiling itself.
Oh, I didn't mention
Did I?
Yes. We did.
I am SO thankful for a couple of things.
My ceiling worker, Baby, did not get hurt in all of this. (So, so thankful for this!)
And while I was re-organizing my "stuff"the past few months, I had put the majority of my things in clear plastic containers. It kept the years of soot away from all of the tiny pieces of fabric, the multitudes of plain white and decorative paper, collage items and miscellaneous other items that I keep in my studio.
And I keep a lot of items of my studio.
A lot of really cool things, actually.
But It's All Good.

And it's okay.



Sharon said...

Oh bless you. Thank goodness for clear plastic tubs. I have a similar incident less than a month ago. Mine not so bad though. My dh put his foot almost through the living room ceiling as he crawled through the attic. Yep he was doing it for me to hook me up to Dish in my studio. So I just have a little bit of ceiling sheetrock hanging...not a hole. I'm OK with it for now.

random notes said...

did this happen to you, or patty thompson?