Thursday, November 19, 2009

Surface Design

Can you believe it?
A new blog post for three days in a row...
That may be a record for me.
And that, in itself, is rather funny. Anyone that knows me, knows that I tend to talk a lot
(I saw all of you rolling your eyes!) but you would think that I'd have more to say.
And I do (have a lot to say) it just takes me SOOOO long to do a blog post.
I like to add links, and have accurate facts and go on and on about things.
Kinda like I'm doing now.
So, without muddling up the issue any longer, I'll get on with what I came here to post about.
Friends, fibers and those that are freaks about both.
No really.
I've added some photos of fabric (and fiber) that my friend Nancy Bruce rusted.
Now, you all know that I love rusty stuff (and rusting stuff) but Nancy has been doing this longer than I have.
I think she said for about 10 years.
That's a lot of time. And a lot of rusty stuff.
She found this really cool piece that was awesome to rust with at an antique/consignment shop that we all went to a while back.
Here's a beautiful scarf.

Another scarf - same kind actually but rusted under different weather conditions. Notice how the one below has a much heavier application of rust ( or rust color).

Look at that awesome pattern from the item that was rusting. I can just imagine all sorts of interesting uses for this fiber piece.

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jgr said...

Hi Carol,
I love the rusted scarves! How cool!!