Thursday, June 16, 2011

Creating Pathways

This is a copy of the post on the Sketchbook Challenge blog that went up today.

I went to Spartanburg (SC) with my husband yesterday.
He was going to umpire a baseball game, I had planned on going to the local library.
Until I saw this...

This beautiful piece of equipment.
I called it a lightweight piece of heavy equipment (cause it was kinda small to be called Heavy...).

Anyway - I had to sit down and start sketching immediately upon seeing it!

Nothing like a modified contour sketch to get things going...

As I was sitting there, lost in my own little "Sketch In", I didn't realize that I was drawing my next "entry" in to this month's theme.


If you look behind the piece of equipment (what is that thing called?!), there is a new path being cut.

Evidently Spartanburg SC is joining Greenville SC in hosting (building and promoting) bike riding and walking trails.

So - I figured that my drawing is a way to illustrate a pathway.
Whether it is a link between two paths or something that actually creates that path...

The finished drawing stretches over several sheets actually.
I think I might put some color on it with watercolors and then use brads or something to make it an interactive piece of artwork.

Either way it was a lot of fun once I started.
Just remember that the real key to drawing from life is LOOKING and SEEING what you're drawing.
Not just drawing what you think you see.

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random notes said...

Wow! this is amazing Carol. Loved the way you "patched" it together. Much more exciting than the library but probably much hotter outside, huh?
Love it love it!!!!