Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summertime Thoughts

Well, the temps are continuing to rise in the southeast.
As well as the humidity.

Heat + Humid = Tired Irritable Carol.

I've spent a few moments asking my friends about their energy levels during this hot weather.
I never know if it's some external force affecting my energy levels or my immune system showing its I ask others.
Everyone that I ask answered the same way...
They tell me that the heat zaps their physical energy as well as their creative energy.
So I've decided to quit worrying about whether I have any energy to create (or anything else ftm).

I'll take the advice of a wise friend...
"When you're tired, just rest. Sit your ass down and quit worrying about what you should be doing. Your body is trying to tell you sit your ass down..."

Good advice, huh?

So right after I pack my stuff for a Fiber Freaks get together tomorrow
and get my stuff ready for a First Friday showing in Greenville SC,
I'm going to sit my ass down.

What about you?


Robbie said...

Sitting my 'butt' down too!! My friend and I were talking about how much we enjoyed the summer when the temps were in the high 60's and low 70's! I'm not a summer/80+ temp kinda gal! Don't like to sweat! i can't beat or hand sew when my hands sweat! So guess I'll just stay sitting! thanks for the post!

anna maria said...

My ass, in fact my entire body, has been sitting down for days now. Can't get up the energy to do anything. Taking 2 naps a day. Very hot and humid here in southern Italy as well - near 100 and humid, ugh.