Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fiber Freaks

Well, I finally got up and managed to do something in this heat.
My fiber art group, Fiber Junkies (more commonly known around my house as the "Fiber Freaks"), got together at Val McGaughy's house for some Deconstructive Screenprinting. I love doing that but it's a lot of work, especially in the heat. It was cooler in Asheville though.
Judy Simmons and Val McGaughy did the prep work for us, mixing dyes, setting up the space...all that "pre-work".
All we had to do was show up with the rest of our supplies and get to work.
I didn't take any pictures (bad Carol) but I'll be willing to bet that if you go to Mary Stori or Judy Simmons blog, you'll find some in a day or two!
I've got two screens here at home that I am going to print. I'll post some pics of that.
And I also have several pieces of fabric that I am batching. When I finish them, I'll try to post some photos.

So - there you go.
I FINALLY got up and did something!

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