Friday, June 24, 2011

Wonky Flower

I apologize dear (and lonely) readers for my lack of posting.
How do I explain that the days just fly by before I realize that they have flown?
I suppose I say just that, eh?

I do have a new toy though...
she has been sitting quietly in my studio, waiting for me to come back in there and pay her some attention.
I drew a wonky, silly flower tonight.
Then ran it through my new toy and viola!
A screen print.

Yes, I found a Thermofax machine on Craig's list!
So, check your local list for new toys.

That wonky flower?
Here she is.

This is one of the prints that I made with it (on paper).
I drew it with a Pitt Artists Pen and it burned a screen just fine.
Nope, no carbon copy - just a Pitt Pen Drawing!

1 comment:

artsails1 said...

Carol, I totally understand about the time flying and then the sudden realization... it has been a while since you wrote on your blog.
Look forward to reading your blog.
Thank you