Sunday, May 24, 2009


Well, I finally gave in and created a Facebook account...
I must admit it is much easier to communicate and stay in touch with all my online friends.
Won't you come on over and send me an invite here?
I'd love to have a gazillion friends come and visit me!

Does this mean that I am going to be Twittering in the future? Gee, I'm not sure about that...I already spend too much time on the computer as it is.

But I do have a question for my computer savvy friends...
Is there an easy way to learn Adobe Photoshop Elements 7?
One that doesn't include pulling my hair out and gnashing my teeth?
Oh, I sure do hope so! If you know of a good book, CD or class - please let me know.
I'm going back outside to transplant some more Purple Coneflowers, Wave Petunias, dahlias and help Mr. Wonderful (aka Farmer Sloan) with the vegetable garden planting.
Someones gotta supervise, right?


jgr said...

Hi Carol,
I know what you mean about PhotoShop, it has something of a learning curve. I just looked on Amazon and they have 'Classroom in a Book' I've used them in the past for software and they are very helpful.


Martha Lever said...

Hi Carol,
I wish I could give you a lesson. I am in Greenville now and leaving tomorrow but the next time I am here I would love to get together with you and give you an Adobe Photoshop lesson. It will be sometimes in June. In the meantime, I agree with Jane, a classroom in a book is good although for me, I don't do well that way. I am "written instruction" challenged. But you might not--so that is a good place to learn.

Anne said...

These sites are very helpful: this one is free and offered by HP, they rotate their classes, so if they don't have elements now, they probably will soon. This one is a subscription service, very reasonable. They offer monthly, and yearly. I think you can get a trial membership. They are awesome.

Kelby media offers some classes now too, These are the people that make Photoshop magazine and have most of the books on Photoshop out there. The classes are laid out very similar to

I'm very visual so I found that I needed video tutorials. I also have a lot of books on PS and my favorites are the visual quickstart guides. They have one for PS elements 7. and the Real World series, I don't think they have a book for elements 7, just photoshop. When you get comfortable with the program, go for Katrin Eisman's books. She is amazing!

I actually went to school to learn Photoshop and found that on the job worked the best for learning it. When I get stumped I type into google; how do I... (you have no idea how much I do that trick, I've learned so many things that way.)

I hope this helps. Email me if you are stumped on something specific, I'd be happy to help.


Julie Bagamary said...

Your class sample at Random Arts is WONDERFUL!

julie king said...

i have both facebook and twitter accounts but rather tweet. like you, i'm already on the computer too much!

i keep saying i'm going to take a ps class or buy a book but i just keep plugging away learning it bit by bit on my own.