Friday, May 15, 2009

Work In Progress

This is the drawing that I took to Paulette Insall class at the Inspired Retreat.
I want to work on the hair - not only the color (I thought a darker brown would be nice - especially those eyebrows!)but the entire "look" of it. I had to put a little gesso on it to cover up a, um, a little background problem...
I also do not like the lip color...anybody out there with some suggestions on that? I used the Caran D'ache crayons. I need another color. I feel that this one is too brassy or something...

I still have a lot of work on it but the important thing is that

I did use some of the techniques that I learned from Wyanne in her painting class.
They (Paulette & Wyanne) are both wonderful teachers.


Fannie said...

hi, carol. great painting!

i think the hair color is nice. i'm not an expert in color, but if you want to add some depth, you could add dark brown among her current hair color (kind of like highlights). See what her lips look like after you add the dark brown to her hair. You may like her lips after that addition.

You're right. You're painting. That's good.

I couldn't wait to paint when I got home from inspired. All is well, again. ;-D

Sharon said...

Thanks for inviting me over. I'm about to go to bed but had to come see. Yea for your face. She is very pretty and as for the hair, just add some darker darks and some lighter lights. But not all over. Think about what would be the closest to you and add light there, maybe even a touch of creamy white. And farther away would be the darker dark, brown.
Lips, make the botton lip a lighter value of color and you will be surprised.
It is great. and how lucky you are to get to go to inspired.

Martha Lever said...

I like her--she is very pretty! Of course I agree with everything Sharon said---but of course I would always agree with what Sharon said! Good job so far--she's gonna be beautiful.

Maryann said...

The finished painting is absolutely gorgeous!! You forgot to mention that you were also an awesome painter my new friend!! I am in awe.
I haven't touched mine yet but you have inspired me to try!!
Painting will have to be on the agenda at the cabin retreat!

random notes said...

Have I told you how lovely these are Ms Carol? Wow! I am so impressed.
Now, look at my blog for today.

random notes said...

So happy that we decided on June 20th for your doodling class here in Saluda.
It will be so much fun. Can I take it too? I wanna take it, I wanna take it!!!!!