Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Journal Pages and Baseball Fields

Those of you that read my blog know that I love to draw my own journal pages.
I've been known to sit at baseball games and pull out my compact watercolors and paint. Don't you know that the little kids would love to come and paint with me? I'd let them actually...I figure that if they had the courage to ask, I'd give them paper paint and a brush in a skinny minute.
Anyway, here are a few new pages for your viewing pleasure.

I'll share my inspiration for the one below...
a baseball field. Yep, if you look closely, you'll see the images above the bird box closely resemble an outfield light post thing (whaddaya call that?). The flower beside is is an artistic interpretation of a baseball field - come on people!
Work with me here!
The leaf stem represents the space behind home plate (that's where my husband stands a lot!).
The top of the flower is spread out like the outfield shape - albeit a very loose interpretation.
That just goes to show you that no matter where you are, you can be inspired!
I have a drawing in my sketch book that I made when we were at the Citadel one weekend. It is totally based on the shapes at and around the ball park.
I have always looked at the world around me in a little different way (no snickers).
The micro world is much more interesting than the big picture.
One class I took last year (I think) was with Laura Cater Woods.
It's an online class, you should check out her schedule and get on the waiting list. You will really be able to find inspiration anywhere you go. Literally anywhere.

The shapes for the mushroom stems came from a picture that I took at a state rest area stop...

yep, the ferns were unfurling , shedding their winter coats. The gentle sway and swirl of the stems captivated me. The way that they appeared to be like young children fighting to get the best view- all arms and legs, pushing each other out of the way.

Don't you know people really wonder about us (Mr. Wonderful and I) when we stop in our tracks, practically lay down on the sidewalk for a picture...

at a rest area.

You know, I say let them wonder. I'd rather they join us as we realize the beauty in the little things around us.

Won't you?


jgr said...

These doodles are just great! You inspire me.
I agree with you: there is much beauty in the simple things.


lori vliegen said...

your drawings are wonderful, carol! next time i'm watching a baseball game (and i actually do that quite often!), i'm going to look around and see what inspires me! :)

mystele said...

oh, i love the mushroom page!!!