Sunday, June 21, 2009

Class Time!

Yesterday was the first "Doodle Drawing" class at Random Arts.
What a blast!
The class was full with little room to spare...and everyone had a great time. I think they were all surprised at their art work - told ya that it wasn't difficult to do!
I took my camera but was so busy walking around soaking up the creative energy that I didn't take any pictures. A couple of the women said they would email me the pictures that they took so I hope to post some later. I was very impressed as I walked around - these ladies never looked back after they made that first mark on the paper...
The class was such a success that we're going to plan on offering another one soon. Keep an eye on my blog and Jane's for dates.
I love to help people create things - to learn new techniques and different ways of looking at the world around them.
I hope that I can share the journal pages that they created - with just a little prompting , just a little guidance - they were both shocked and surprised at how their pages turned out.
Now they can actually draw their own journal pages (or other art work) based on doodle designs!
It's interesting how meditative this type of drawing can be.
What I usually do is draw a bunch of pages (cause once you get going, it's hard to stop!). Then I paint a pile of them - that is just as fun too!
Then when the spirit moves me, I can grab a page and journal to my heart's desire.
I hope that you'll join me next time for this fun and super easy (no stress!) class!


SewCalGal said...

I really like all the doodling art. Thanks for sharing. Some of this would also work quite well for machine embroidery designs, possibly expanding into freearm quilting. But for whatever purpose, I like it and hope you will on doodling and sharing.


Martha Lever said...

Ok, hopefully I will be there for the next one!!! I want to doodle with yall!!

cwchappell said...

I had a great time, Carol is a great teacher, doodling is fun. I think this was onr of the best classes I've taken, great group of people, RA is a great shop, Jane is wonderful.

Joanne Huffman said...

Your journals and journal pages are so cool. I bet this was a fun class for everyone.