Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Creative Offerings

Here's a small (4" x 5") collage for the mixed media book that I am spending way too many hours on...but totally lovin' it! That is DJ Pettitt's image (from a cool postcard).
Hey, look at what I painted when I got home from Weaverville NC today! I had THE most wonderful day with three beautiful and talented women. It was a totally inspiring day! What about you?
What about a little Funky Chicken? Everybody needs a Funky Chicken in their life...
here's one just for you!


Martha Lever said...

Love the book cover--it is fabulous and I had to go in really close to see all those great fibers you used.

Do you have any more rusty lace? I will go to your Etsy shop and see. I love using that lace. Bye--going to your shop now.

Anita said...

Love these fun immages...the flowers are my favorite. Did you paint them?

judy coates perez said...

love it, looks like you are having so much fun!

random notes said...

Hey Carol
You are rockin' girlfriend. Love your posts.