Tuesday, June 9, 2009

True Love

Sistah Love that is...
I love it that we can help folks out even though they may not be in our hometown. KC Willis (you know from Lip Stick Ranch) is helping out her sistah, Joanna Pierotti.
Joanna's husband, Ron, has had a brain tumor removed recently. We can only imagine the costs involved with this surgery and recovery. No insurance, not a lot of money but a whole lotta love for these special people!
KC is donating HALF of her on line class fees and HALF of the money received from the sale of her art work to the fund to help Joanna and Ron.
Let's show some e-love here, let's help a fellow artist and her wonderful husband. Buy some KC art, take a class -
show some LOVE.

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Tess said...

Wonderful of you and this great artist to help. I can tell you the bills for my daughters brain tumor removal this past Feb. totaled to over 19,000.00 so far. Not all of the bills are in yet either and here it is already June. (She's doing great by the way.)