Friday, July 10, 2009

Another Bird Painting...

Well, I must be overly attrached to Chickadee's and didn't even know it! I started this new painting yesterday and thought I'd share the first phase of it. I have a good bit more work to do on it.

And when my husband got home from work yesterday, he checked the mail...made me chase him to get a package from Oregon...I had sent the front panel of my mixed media book (from DJ's class) to DJ for her to fix an over heating problem for me. This is what I go back yesterday!

I had forgotten how beautiful the coloring was on the panel. This is DJ's drawing we used in the classroom. She did a little touch up painting on it (she said just to fix the boo boo from the iron - but I don't remember my painting being this beautiful!). So now I can head back to the studio to begin putting the book cover together. It's going to be so awesome!


Martha Lever said...

Oh my goodness, Carol, this is gorgeous. I don't understand the heating problem though. Heating from an iron?

Joanne Huffman said...

Way cool chickadee - and, of course, your painting from DJ's class is beautiful.