Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kayaking on the River

Little River, that is.

My husband and I love to kayak and this was only the second time that we have gone this year...we've been so busy!
We love to go to the Keowee River and search for Indian artifacts but since we've had so much rain, all our favorite haunts are under water.
And for that, we're oddly thankful...not that our hunting grounds are under water but that the land is once again nourished by the sweet life giving water.
Thank you Mother Nature.
Send more.
Anyway, we wanted to ramble around the old mill (Abney Mills) in Newry, SC.

We were amazed at how much higher the water level was from last fall! Last year we had to carry the kayak over two sand bars (about 100 yards) just to get to water deep enough to float in!
This year we were able to put in right at the end of the boat ramp. Last year the boat ramp didn't even go into the edge of the water...
We saw some Herons and lots of Kingfishers. No eagles this time (darn it!).
Oh - and a couple of Fishermen.
As we rounded the bend to the dam (at the mill), this is the sight we saw.
Big, tall dam. Rock with tall rusty thing. Spooky water...looked like some kind of toxic water hole from a scary movie. Dark, swirly, deep, bottomless pit of a river area...
And guess who has a VERY active imagination?!
Yep...that would be me.
My husband wanted to climb out of the kayak, walk along the dam and take pictures of the old mill.
Guess who freaked out (just slightly, that is)?
Yep, that would be me.
Well, my husband hardly ever gets irritated with me (ok, well never) but I think he got kinda aggravated at my reaction...I couldn't help it!
It was totally scary!

Here was some kind of drain from the mill to the river...probably a storm drain, but in my mind it was a secret toxic waste dump...
(see that dark yucky water?!)
I don't think I'll be going back to that place anytime soon...

We did happen upon this little scene...it looked like someone had stacked three rocks on top of each other but the funny thing was that there was no way anyone could have gotten to that particular place to sit the stones there...

A few pretty little spots where the wild flowers grabbed onto what little life they could find.
Beautiful color gracing the river's edge...
We had a very nice holiday weekend...
even managed to ride our motorcycle one day.
We rode to Caesars Head in SC and then rode on into Brevard NC.
Had late lunch at an awesome place called Doogin's. Great hamburger, great service and really cold beer.
What more could you ask for?
So - this was a portion of my holiday weekend. I enjoyed spending a lot of time with my wonderful husband. He works so hard all week long and it's nice to be able to spend some "down time" with him...even if I did aggravate him at the river!
All's well that ends well, right?
Be safe
Be creative
Be loving people...


Martha Lever said...

What a wonderful trip. I love it up there around Brevard. My daughter and my sister went to Illahee for many years. Great pictures!

Anita said...

My instant reaction to the photo of the dam...eeek! It was scarey, as was the "toxic" pipe to the river. Sad to say, but our lovely textiles create some of the worst pollution. You have good instincts.

Anonymous said...

EEEk would have been my reaction to stopping by that dam too. I always have visions of being sucked over them in some manner and the pipe--enough said!.

Thanks for sharing your adventure. Those rocks must have been a fairy set up--only missing the toadstools. Judy Haas