Thursday, July 30, 2009

Banana Skin

It's a banana!
It's an aging banana!
It's a flying aging banana!
It's a flying...ummm...banana skin...moth?
Look at this gorgeous moth that my son found at his work place! I took a couple of pictures with my cell phone, showing how large it is - my son had it on top of his hand. But I can't get them to upload to blogspot. It was wider than his (20 year old) hand!
It is a little wider than a cd.
And it really does look like a aging banana!

This is how the conversation went...
Will ( on phone) "Hey mom, come outside and look at what I found at work today."
Mom "Sure."

I walk outside, meet him at the car.
He has his back to me as he is bending over the passenger side door.
Mom "Will, what is it?"
Will "You'll see."
(mom - beginning to feel a little nervous as Will is known for picking up a lot of different critters and bringing them home)
Mom "Will - is it alive?"
Will "yeah."
Mom "Am I going to be afraid of it?"
Will "Only if you're afraid of browning banana skin."
Mom (speechless) (no really...what do you say to that?).

1 comment:

Carol Wiebe said...

Hilarious, Carol!

I love moths, and have included them in my art.

This one is very unique, and you are right: it DOES look like aging banana skin. I wonder if this moth has to put up with a lot of taunting from other moths?

"I'm a gorgeous glowing white moth, and look at YOU! Echhhhh, you look like an old banana skin!"