Monday, August 3, 2009

A Tatted Lace Tale

I recently looked around on Etsy for some tatted lace.
I not only found lace, but I found this awesome lady, Dorothy, that will definitely get my repeat business.
I ordered several tatted pieces, a wide embroidered piece of lace and tiny tatted & crocheted doilies.
Here is a copy of one of the cards that was in my package .
Go here - look around -

Look at these tiny tatted pieces!

She sent me extra goodies and refunded a few dollars of my shipping cost!

And then, a week later, she sent me several pieces of tatted lace remnants!
How cool is that?!
Shop her store, tell he that I sent you there!


Becky said...

that really is neat. I can't believe how small some of those are. I bet that wouldn't be fun to do with arthritis.

TattingChic said...

Those are some lovely tatted and crocheted pieces! It's nice when people appreciate tatted lace.