Thursday, August 27, 2009


OK - Here are a couple more really fast sketches.
I was sitting on the front porch, waiting for the Gold Finch to come back and began sketching things around me.

Here's the Gold Finch. Sitting on (mostly) dead cone flowers.
They really love the seeds, so leave your dead (and dying) cone flowers there for them!

There is a teeny tiny little section of a fern that my son gave me for Mother's Day.
(oh, BTW, he says that he is doing "fine mom" at school...)
I did cry (just a tiny bit) today thinking about him.

I was reading Mystele's blog entry and the flood of memories washed through me...
Our babies grow up so fast, don't they?
And the tears were not just for my son - all those memories made me think about my mom too.
Wishing things had of been different, wishing this and that.
And then realizing, after reading this post (on finding your sparkle again Aug.20), that the time had come for me to be lighthearted again.
I have been so consumed with handling matters after the death of my mom, and consumed by family members that lie, cheat and steal that I feel like I have lost my "light hearted-ness".
I want it back.

I am going to take it back.

Wow- did I totally get side tracked?!?
And that, my friends, is JUST how it happens with me!
I can see my husband and friends laughing and shaking their heads right now...agreeing with me...
(I really DO do this a lot - get side tracked, that is)
OK - back to the sketches...

This page is just kinda a mix of what I saw with my eyes and what I felt with my heart.

The one on the lower left hand side is a teeny tiny portion of a seed head on a Purple Fountain Grass plant on our porch. I love those plants.
The seed heads bow gracefully in the breeze - swaying to summer's last afternoon dance...
The one at the top left is a section of another plant (name?) on the porch. I liked the spiked appearance of the seed pods.
And last, but certainly not least, is a picture of the tender roses that my hubby gave me.
I invited you to watch with me as they opened their tender little petals to us.
This is their final glory.
All thick and full and beginning to fade.


Martha Lever said...

I love love love your little sketches! I practice with several things--for today's post I used a C-3 Speedball nib but I am mostly practicing with the Pilot Parallel pen. I will be in Greenville on September but won't have time to go to Random Arts--boo hoo! Macaulay and I are having a baby shower for her neighbor. But I want to get back up there for another playday and see all of by blog buddies!!!!

mystele said...

lovely, lovely...i am so glad you are taking it back. it's true- yes, people do ugly things, but WE dwell on them. we allow the ugliest experiences to crowd our hearts till there is no room for joy. make room, carol...i'm in it with you!!! ♥

and, thanks for encouraging me!

Windy Hills Happenings said... your sketches ... and love the way you put words together....kind of "Dr. Seuss-ish" for adults...

Joanne Huffman said...

I enjoy the whimsy in your sketches.