Thursday, August 20, 2009

August sketches

I have always love to draw, to put pen (or pencil) to paper
and leave my mark.
My vision of what I see...
whether it's a one of a kind thumbnail from nature,
or my take on a famous painting or drawing.
My son seems to have the same desire...or fire...or ability.
Take your pick.
We could be left alone for hours with nothing more than a sketchbook and a pen and
we. would. be. cool.
Ask my husband (yep, Mr. Wonderful)
(the one that buys me all those cool sketchbooks and pens!)
(and totally fills my soul)
(forgot to say this - right before the (yep,) part)
did anyone but me understand this?
I'll bet Laura, Liz, Tama, Charlotte and Judy did! (Hey my soul sister peeps!)

Well - I totally got side tracked, didn't I?
I do that a lot.
A lot.
Creative minds and all that you know.

Back to the original post thing...
Sketch books, awesome husband, talented son and drawing...not in that order but my world revolves around it!
So - I have been doing a lot of sketching of thumbnail drawings here lately.
And loving it.
I totally recommend this activity to anyone that is interesting in drawing.
I'm going to share the last two pages
of my sketch book cause - well, cause I like to share.
And I think that showing all of you some good art work along with some not-so-good-artwork will make you feel better about what you're doing.
Or not doing.
Whatever the case may be.
The point being that if you want to draw better
Seriously...You might say "Oh, I wish I could draw like you do."
But if you want to do that (not like me but anyone that can "draw")
you have to draw.
A. Lot.
Like- everyday helps.
Doesn't have to be a masterpiece (but if it turns out to me - good for you!)
just a little bitty bit of daily drawing.
Could you do this for a week?

Could you?
Let's try it, okay?
It won't be hard for me because I already draw just about every day anyway.
Alright - draw daily for a week and then compare your drawings.
I'll bet that you will be very surprised at how much better you are.
It's like doing (sewing, drawing, painting, golf, playing a musical instrument, cooking, running) the more you practice, the better that you are!
Painting. Sewing. Quilting. Golf. Driving. Playing a musical instrument. Cooking.
You get the picture.
So - if you want to be able to draw better...
then what are you going to do?


Oh- see the drawing of the dragon'ish circular image above? I saw a billboard going towards Charlotte NC yesterday that had a similar image that was a silver bracelet (or ear rings - not sure which) but they looked awesome! I wrote down the designer and the jewelry store...
might have to check that out ladies!
It appeared to be one of those pieces of jewelry that may take up gifts for the next four years though...
any jewelry designers out there that could make something like that for less?
Please email me...


Joanne Huffman said...

Love your sketches. I am trying to draw more, but never seem to find the time.

Elizabeth said...

Carol! I have found you thru Dj and I love all of your drawings and sketches. You ahve inspired me. We leave tomorrow for a week on the outer banks of N.C. our firs trip. I am going to take my new journal with me and a few writing and drawing implements and I WILL DRAW EVERY DAY!!!
You seem to love children's book art- as do I. there is a wonderful new Museum of Children's Literature Artwork up near Williamstown MA. Lots of Eric Carle and Maurice Sendack and Tomis Depaola!! Cool Beans!! I ahve yet to go butit is on my list!!
Love you blog!!

Carol Wiebe said...

Carol, I wear many hats, and among them is that of Librarian. When I worked in public libraries, and did library tours, I always told the "tourists" that the children's section was not just shelves of wonderful books, it was also a gallery. Every picture book contains amazing art. You can get lost in the picture book section for hours.(And I have not even mentioned the Junior Non-fiction section.)

Isn't it true, that to get good at something you have to actually practice. Some things just "ain't instant!"

You've obviously done your share of practicing and these drawings prove your admirable skill. I also have sons who draw, which makes it even more fun.