Sunday, August 16, 2009


Those of you who read my blog (and/or know me in "real life") know that my mom passed away in February of this year.
You could understand that, to say the least, it's been a gut wrenching journey since then. Besides all the standard probate checklist, I've had to try and deal with family members that have not always been upright and honest in what they're doing.
I'm not going in to that (aren't you glad?!) but did want to share a couple of treasures that going through my mom's things have turned up.
I crocheted for years and years - my mom and great grandmother taught me the standard grannies square when I was about 10.
I laid it down for a while but picked it back up when I was pregnant with my son (who is now almost 21).
I didn't want to do the regular yarn crochet and found myself drawn to the white cotton thread doilies that you find in antique shops.
So I began the loving journey of teaching myself this type of crochet.
Needless to say, my mom loved the lace that I made and all she had to say was "Oh, Callie! (my nick name) I love that!" and it was hers.
Those doilies that I so lovingly made for my mom have come full circle.
Below is a picture of a few of them...
I loved ( and still do) the intricate lace patterns and worked with some little bitty thread back then! My eyes are not good enough to work with such small thread now.

Again, I've said this before but I'm saying it again...My grandmother was a doll Doctor and a maker of dolls.
She and I must have been so much alike in some ways - always making things with our hands, sewing, quilting, know - just being artists.
I found a copy of her "Doll Doctoring" manual.
I looked and looked and couldn't find a date on or in the book. It is about 3 inches thick and a veritable cornucopia of knowledge.
Everything one would need to know about fixing up a damaged doll baby...
And look at this box that I found - my mom's handwriting.
"Very Old Doll".

Look at her! My grandmother had evidently began the restoration process - you can see that she has had some "re-do" work on her beautiful head.

Look at those buttons that make the movable arms and legs...

The fabric of her body is so old that it's falling apart.

The clothes that were inside the box were too small for her - they may have been her clothes when she was younger.

But they are just as old as she is. Teeny tiny crocheted lace on one of the dresses.


Susan said...

My mother died a week ago. So I am beginning your journey. I'm going to be posting on my blog some of the treasures my sister and I find as we sort through her apartment. She gave me the sewing bug too,

Julie Bagamary said...

The lace is wonderful! Too special to use?

random notes said...

Could you get any more interesting Ms. Callie? Gosh I wonder who, if anyone can keep up with you.
Love those dolls.

Martha Lever said...

The lace is beautiful. I wish I could do that.

Fannie said...

Beautiful post, Carol!

jackie said...

Wow! You've been an artist since you were a child! I love your intricate crochet work! And how special is that "very old doll"!!

Sherry said...

Hi Carol, Can you pop over to my blog and email me your preference for the sachet.

Martha Lever said...

Thanks, Carol. The quilt was fun to make!

Joanne Huffman said...

Treasures indeed!

canngil said...

I lost my mother back in 2002, and still miss her daily. It is such a treat to dig through these things and find treasures.
I was at a garage sale today, where the daughters were cleaning out mom's things. We were talking as I was rummaging through a box of fabric. There were some lovely pieces of fancy drapery fabric printed with a floral border and medallion. Mom had quilted and embroidered the fabric so that it was like a wall hanging. We looked at the handwork together, and she said, ok, taking that one back! She had a small pile of stuff that she would find and decide she could not let go. Treasures.