Sunday, August 23, 2009

Art School

This weekend, my husband and I moved my son off to Winthrop University to go to art school.
How exciting is that?
How scary is that?
How awesome is that?
Three questions - one answer...

My son has worked very hard to get to the point that he is at. He worked full time at a manufacturing job this summer, saved his money and went the last two years to a technical school to save us all some money.
He took all of his entry level education classes and most of his "free" classes there too - all to save money. And that was his idea. He was so smart to do that. I know that he wanted to go on to "regular" college with his friends but he knew that that the "logical" thing thing to do was to commute from home and take the classes at a fraction of the cost. His education is completely paid for up to this point and he is entering Winthrop as a junior. He transferred 46 credit hours into the art program.
He is thinking about Elementary Art Education as the final goal.
But the first year is going to be full of glorious art classes.

Anyway, I think that I did pretty good.
(well - this IS my only child, ya know!?!).
I didn't "boo hoo" or embarrass any of us.
Not too bad, anyway!

There is so much more that I could write about this day but I am tired.
My house is a wreck after trying to go through things to see what he might need/want and
I'm hungry.
The most important thing being that
I am hungry...

Have a blessed evening everyone.
Hug your kids.
Kiss your spouse.
Be nice to everyone.
It just makes everything a little easier for everyone, ya know?


Jane said...

Congratulations on raising such a thoughtful son. Well done!

Anita said...

Big day for you! Welcome to the Empty Nest Club. Thank goodness for Facebook and the internet otherwise I'd nevern know what my sons were up to, haha.

Joanne Huffman said...

Obviously, you did well and have a lot to be proud about.

Martha Lever said...

What a big day for you, and him, and I know you and your hubby are so proud of him. It's emotional isn't it? He is going to be a great success because he has worked hard to get where he is. My husband's grandmother went to Winthrop so that college is a special place for our family.

Kelly said...

Sounds like your son has some great parents. :-) My girls just started 1st grade!