Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Workshop

Well, I should have done an exit poll after Saturday's workshop to see if the description was true...
I said "Fast, fun and easy..." and I do believe that everyone thought it was!
Everyone had their project almost completed by the end of the day. A few hand stitches here, a dozen (or two) beads there and a couple of finishing quilting seams and these babies are ready to hang on the wall.
These ladies amaze me at how well they worked today. I'll admit that I had done a (ton) a lot of prep work before ever stepping foot into the shop but they worked (while chatting, laughing, shouting and eating) non stop all day.
Oh, except for the shopping breaks...
Anyway - here are some pictures -
run over to Jane's blog to see more.

My friend Tonya - just working away (hmmm...or just talkin' away...?) on her beautiful wall hanging.
Here is a closer view of her piece.

And Jane, working away. I wish I had a close up picture of the quilting that she did on her piece...I was quite impressed with that.
Karen and Tonya obviously in awe of something that someone was saying...
Here is my friend Betsy's wall hanging. I love the way that she colored her face. I had provided a variety of transfers for everybody to choose from. We used Glossy Transfer paper and Sheer Heaven - one of my favorite transfer mediums and one of hte few that actually work for me.
I showed them how to take a transfer face up a notch or two with a drawing pencil and paper stump...I love what they all did!
This is a great example of making good use of cosy class space!

Karen Hope's wall hanging here. I love that they all used similar design placements but tweaked it a little bit to suit their own tastes.
These ladies worked very hard today but had a great time.
Thanks everyone for coming to class!
I'm thinking that I might use this class next year when I do a retreat in Colorado Springs...
Oh, I didn't mention that, did I?
I'll have to share some great news with you later on that...
It's All Good.


Martha Lever said...

I am jealous that I didn't get to do this class. Great stuff!!

Did you say retreat in Colorado Springs? WHAT??!!

See you Thursday at 10:00 and guess what?? Julie Bagamary is coming too. She is another blog friend who lives in Fairview, NC. Can't wait to meet you all.

Martha Lever said...

He is feeling left out---poor guy!

See ya Thursday!