Sunday, March 7, 2010

Calendar pages and Stamp Carving

I found an old sketch book that I had drawn a couple of calendar pages on.
Thought I'd share them with you.
I wish that I could remember which artist I had gotten my inspiration from
but the name escapes me right now...
If I remember later, I'll be sure to post it. I don't even remember the month I drew them.
I do remember that the images were drawn very quickly
and the color was added with really cool markers
that I learned about from Martha Lever.
They are called Brushables (by Zig).
Very nice pens to do calligraphy with.
Oh, and drawing/coloring calendar pages too!
The gray one is my favorite,
as you can create a shadow on something with just the swipe of a pen.
See above!

I had a very lazy day today -
hmmm...yesterday too now that I think of it.
I did work on a stamp carving demo/short class I'll be doing soon.
My Fiber Freaks, I mean Junkies will be learning how to do that this month.
This is SO much fun and SO darn easy!
The only problem is that it can be very addictive also...
consider yourselves warned ladies...


Martha Lever said...

Love this page all ziggified and all. I love your little doodle paintings and can't wait to see some of your carved stamps.

Anita said...

Hi Carol. Oooh, that stamp carving class sounds like fun. Love your artwork too. I hope to see you at the April FAA meeting...I'm in Atl. giving a program this week.