Monday, March 1, 2010

Recap of last week

I admit it.
I'm a slack blogger...
No posts since week before last.
Bad me.
I'll do a recap from last week for you, how about that?
Finally, someone that won't argue with me!
Last Monday, I went with my Fiber Junkie buddies to Mary Stori's house.
What an nice house she has too - it's for sale if you're interested in the most awesome views eva.
We always do our little "show and tell" first.
Here's Mary's quilt that she made for her son and daughter in law.
I love the touches of red! And Judy Simmons is making her daughter's wedding gown (can you believe that?!)
(it's going to be beautiful too!).
Here is a preview of the beading that she is doing on the lace.
She will continue to add beads to the lace and then attach the lace to the dress.

Judy is also working on this small quilt that she is holding up.

I love the colors that she is using.

Can you see the marbled fabric in there?

She did that too!

Patsy Thompson brought this nerve synapse quilt that she added some beads to.

Look at that machine quilting, would ya!

A cool side view.
I think that I have already posted pictures of what I took to show.

This month's meeting was time for Mary's demo on beading.

We learned SO much!

It's a wonder that any of the beads I have sewn on actually stayed on after seeing how it's Supposed To Be Done.

Actaully, I have Mary's DVD so I was doing some of it correctly.

Today I am going to the Lake and Mountain Quilt Guild for a lecture and another form of show and tell.

I get to show my work and talk about my inspiration for it.

It's always so much fun to be around like minded folks.

I hope that all of you have a week filled with inspiration.

Remember to flex your creative muscles -

cause if you don't use it, you lose it...

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Mary Stori said...

Thanks for the plug Carol! I know you'll be a huge success at the guild meeting......