Sunday, March 28, 2010

Other Spring Peeps

Well, it's time for Spring Cleaning - at least here in The South (southeast for me).
My husband was working around the yard this week, getting things ready to plant lettuce, cutting the grass, weeding flower beds (I did help a little with that!)...
Spring Cleaning outside.
He called me to the door and had to show me what all he was finding!
If you listen (or read) Judy Simmons, you'll find I do like bugs.
Not spiders though.
Not even dead spiders.
That bears repeating.
My husband found about 7 of these beauties...Very much alive.

Black Widows.
If you look closely, you can see the small speck of red right at her bottom.
This particular one has a body the size of a dime.
That's just her body! If you include her legs, she was about the size of a freaking quarter!
And he said that wasn't even the biggest one!

So, while you're doing all your Spring Cleaning,

do remember that all the other creatures are coming out too...


Joanne Huffman said...

I also hate spiders. Once when I was student teaching in Miami, there was a tarantula in the school closet and I still shudder at the memory.

Robbie said...

Just found your blog from Mary Stori's! Not excited about the spider post! but thanks for the update! Enjoy the posts I've read so far! Now to fill up the coffee cup and read some more!

Sue Simpson said...

OMG!!!! Just found your blog....and then this post! Arrgghhh that's all I can say! And tarantulars??? Hell no!!!! So glad the worst we get in the UK are Garden Spiders. It's put me of a forign holiday for sure :o)
Good to meet ya! xxx