Thursday, March 25, 2010

For the Love of...

Oh- and Colonial Knots!
I love French Knots but I have a mental/physical block when it comes to actually making them.
A friend of mine (Waving to Mama Crow!) heard of my agony and frustration.
In a matter of a minute or two, she had me making a knot
that looks very similar to the French Knot but was So Much Easier.
Here's some of them on a little stem.

I've been loving hand embroidery here lately.

Just a piece of linen, some of my mom's embroidery floss and a tiny little needle.

So soothing.

I just draw my image on the linen with

a water soluable pencil and start stitchin'.

Easy Peasy.

And here is the WOTD (Word of the Day).


For a couple of reasons - I look out of my front, side and back windows and what do I see?


A bunch of budding blooms breaking the barrier of the brown soil.

(spring fever caused me to type that...)

Or you could Fly.

You could Be Brave and let your tiny wings carry you towards

your most secret dreams, desires and wants.

Those things that you hardly ever allow yourself to even think about cause you want them so, so bad...

But you're scared to death that if you speak them out loud

you'll jinx them.

Do you have any of those dreams?

Maybe it's the one you've had since you were a little girl (or boy),

sitting in your boring old English class...

dreaming that you're this Awesome Artist.

One that everyone loves and wants to buy your work.

Or wants you to teach them how you do what you do...

You could think about those hidden (or not so hidden) dreams today.

Write them down.

Send them out to The Universe.

And Fly towards your destiny.


Joanne Huffman said...

such lovely spring stitching!

Ruth Rae said...

love these!