Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The King was here

Last Saturday, my hubby and I went hiking at Jones Gap State Park here in South Carolina.
Along the trail you see a lot of different and interesting things.
And from time to time you actually see evidence of a previous hiker...
even celebrity ones!
Like this tree - the initials BK were carved in to it.


The Burger King King walked this trail!

Yes! This King!

A little hiker humor there...

It actually started out as one of those "let's get outside for a little while" outings...
Those of you that regularly read my blog will know that I love nature and getting out in it.
It's been a long winter and I am getting a fierce case of "cabin fever".
Even though it was cloudy on Saturday, I just couldn't wait another day to walk around in the woods- surrounded by Mother Nature and all Her glory.
This awesome man, my generous and loving husband, is standing on one of the narrow little "bridges" that we had to cross over.
Thank goodness there was at least one hand rail there...

This is one of the fresh cut trees on the trail. I love the design of the circles

and the colors as well.

Looks kinda like some of my rust fabric, doesn't it?

And the fungus on the tress - I just noticed that it was the same color.

Perhaps Nature is trying to lead me into using my rusty fibers to create something...

This is a shot of one of the tent sites at the park. I believe that they only offer primitive camp sites.

Even though I love camping, I do prefer a little electricity and running water - not just the river kind but the kind that flows from a park provided (camp site) spigot.

I love this running water too!
Because of some health issues I have had lately, we were just going to take a short walk.

We wound up walking several miles (maybe 3-4 total) on one of the trails.

The Tom Miller trail, I believe...

Yep. That one.

In one section there is a 500 foot increase in elevation in a 1/4 mile of walking.

That's pretty steep.

Especially for a gal with some breathing issues!

We got about 1000 feet from the tip top when it began to rain fairly hard.

We had to stop and seek cover at that point.

I was amazed at how beautiful the rain was as I sat there under the cover of a huge pine tree.

We decided that the smartest thing to do was to turn back down the trail.

And we realized Just how Smart that was in about 10 minutes...

when the Hail started.

Yep. Hail.



We had to laugh a out loud.

We drove up to the park in my convertible down, music blaring.

And rode home with the top up- heater blaring.

Just another day in March in upstate South Carolina.

Gotta love it!

Remember our State Parks when you complete your taxes.

There is a spot that you can donate to them.

Check it and make sure that the land will continue to be there for our children and grandchildren.

And if you haven't been to the state parks near you, then you should go!

They are not only beautiful, entertaining and easy to get to-

they are a very cheap form of entertainment for you and your family!

Where else can you rent a cabin in the mountains with a swimming lake, putt putt, paddle boats, boating, fishing and hiking (to name a few activities) for less than $100 a night?

And that would be about the price for a huge cabin!

So- check off for SC state parks.

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Mary said...

Hi Carol,
Glad you got to get outside a bit, surrounded by all that loveliness. Loved seeing that tent situated by the water. What a wonderful place to pitch it - I can just imagine waking up to the sound of the running water - although my camping days are over. :)

I who love cooler weather am looking forward to some warmer temperatures. It has been a long winter, or at least feels like it to me.

It's greening up a bit here, but it is overcast and raining yet again today.

Thanks for sharing your journey.