Monday, April 18, 2011

April Sketch In

Carol Sloan here.

Today was the Greenville Sketch In.

We met at Coffee To A Tea (great coffee and food!), then walked down this beautiful "path" to Falls Park.

I didn't get everyone in the photo (sorry) but wanted to show you how beautiful the walk down to the park really is.
There are so many gorgeous places to sit and sketch that many had trouble making their minds up on where to go.
I wanted to walk a little farther in to the park to see the waterfalls after the rain this weekend.
Here's a bit of the Reedy River under the falls.

Here's a shot that includes the falls and the suspended bridge.
The water was rushing over but no kayaks this year!

I walked around to this spot with a new friend, Jeanette, to draw a while.

We found this bench in the shade with a patch of Japanese Iris close by.


 I took a close up so that I could work on a few details (if I choose to) when I get home.
I'm not too sure that I want to go any farther with the sketch but I have that option, right?

Here is Jeannette working on her sketch of this foliage embedded into the rock wall.

 Here's my quick sketch of the Iris. I pulled out my travel watercolors to add some color to the sketch.
I'm drawing on individual sheets so that I can add them into a handmade book  later.

I added a little bit of color, a few small details and dots.
I'm reserving my option to "do" anything with this one...

 I hope that you will join us on our next Sketch In. It will be April 16. Susan and I will post the details of where to meet.
If any of you have suggestions, please let us know! This is for everyone that wants to participate. Let's go to as many different places as we can.


Denise wnc said...

As always, I love your sketching. This one is simply perfect!

Wendy said...

Perhaps you mean *May* 16th?