Monday, April 25, 2011


I'm trying to do some research for a new piece of artwork. Something that I have had in mind for a long time but have just now had time to really think more seriously about.

I just turned in two pieces of work for a (secret) book coming out later this year (maybe next year?)...
It's going to be an Awesome Book judging by the artists submitting work in it!

Well, back to the  research.

When I begin a new series or even a single piece of work, one of my favorite things is to research the subject. I collect images of what I am thinking about...I read articles about it...I draw it in many different ways...

I've been drawing lavender lately. Sprigs of it, flowering and non. Seed heads, sprouting, etc...
I am familiarizing myself with my subject.
I even carved a stamp or two of it.

Here's a look at the beginnings of my research...

One of  the pages is a duplicate image - I went back and began adding more details. I still have to finish these pages but I wanted to share how I typically begin working on/thinking about a piece of artwork that I could make.

Sometimes after I have spent time doing this, I decide that I don't really want to use that particular image in my work right now...I save it for later or move on to the next thing that catches my attention.
I try not to put a lot of pressure on myself to use anything that I started if I don't want to follow through with the idea.
Sometimes what I think I like turns out to be totally different after I have worked with it for a few days.

We all need to learn to listen to our heart a little better, don't we?


~Rasz~ said...

Great drawings and a wonderful post. As I am new to finding my creativity (through collage, paint, sketch) I find I put lots of pressure on myself to finish a piece. Then I loose my creativity and do nothing. So glad to read that you, someone I admire as an artist, puts work aside and is okay with that. Thanks for a great post. Today I really needed to read that. My post today was about unfinished artwork.

Anonymous said...

your lavender is nice, and all your art is lovely, keep up the good work, thanks so much for sharing and sending out inspiration.