Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New work and a special Sketch In

I've been working on a new project for a (secret) upcoming book.
I am SO excited about this project!

I can't share anything right now
but I will give you a tiny peek of it!

 I really love using natural elements in my work when I can.
Feathers, bones, body parts (!), dried flowers, Spanish moss, sticks and stones...
nothing is safe from me.
My friends bring me awesome "gifts" all the time - insects, wings, skeletons...
I'm always on the look out for usable & recyclable ,um, parts.

So, stay tuned for more on this project later this year!

Yesterday was our first (special) Sketch In away from town.
Karoline Shaffer (one of Greenville's 3D artists) suggested an awesome site -
Victoria Valley Vineyard in Cleveland SC (not too far from Greenville).
We had a great time - sketching, talking, watching, eating, sipping wine...
getting inspiration from every turn.

Check out the photos on our Facebook site.
Several people have uploaded a few.
I've got some to add - later this afternoon.
I'll leave you with a shot of Susan Sorrel.
We both had the same idea!

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Robbie said...

OK, I'm curious...I will stay tuned to see what you end up doing with the first picture elements! Sounds like an opportunity coming your way! Congrats!