Friday, April 29, 2011

Painting and Rusting

I've been doing a little bit of mixed media painting this week.
Getting ready to go to a local gallery tomorrow (!) to show my work for a possible "visiting artist" spot.
I've been a bit nervous and really excited (since they ask me to come!).
Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to show and sell my work there.
I'll be taking books, fiber collage pieces and mixed media paintings.
Here's a peek at three new pieces from the "It Takes a Village" series.

I'm also thinking about starting a batch of rusting this weekend...
My husband and I rusted a bunch of fibers (and things) last year but haven't done any since then.
I'm getting low on a couple of my favorite should be perfect weather this weekend to throw together a batch of rusty goodness outside.

What's on your table today?

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Sandra's Fiberworks said...

Interesting about the rusting -- I know nothing about it. but found you by way of the fibermixedmedia newsletter, and am happy to be following you; lovely work. I am a weaver, but always looking for new ways to experiment with fiber. I also am always sketching and drawing as well!