Monday, February 21, 2011

"Blue Point" Zinnias

"Blue Point" Zinnias come in many colors, including orange.
Oddly enough, they come in all hues, except blue...

I decided to create one in black and white, well...cream...canvas color...

 The inspiration for my thread sketch was this photograph by Pete Krumhardt
in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine (May 2010).

I may or may not paint this.

Today I am working on a thread sketch of an angel that I took a photograph of last year.

She is from a young child's grave in an old cemetery.
Such a sad sight, holding her rosary...
standing watch over her young charge.
The afternoon sun was shining on her smooth face,
casting shadows over her right side.
The rosary created dark shadows on her dress.

It made me sad but
at the same time,
it made me feel such love. 
I saw such beauty in her face , in her stance
 that I couldn't help but recreate her in a piece of artwork.

Have you ever been so touched
by something you see that it continues to haunt you?
It pops up in your mind time after time after time?

That memory, that scene that is pulling at you -
it's asking you to honor it.

It will continue to follow you until you do.

No one may be as touched by it as you are
but I can assure you that you will feel such a release,
such a freedom if you do this.

Follow your heart.

And allow your artwork to follow your heart also.


71square said...

I tore the same picture of the zinnia (and other flowers) out of BHG a few weeks ago to use for inspiration too! And we visited out daughter in New Orleans in January and wandered around in St. Louis Cemetery No. 3 and took some very interesting pictures there, including statues of angels!!! I really SHOULD post them on my FB page. Don't know what's holding me up!

random notes said...

A day with Carol Sloan seems very interesting and inspiring.

Karen Argus said...

Beautiful thread sketch.